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Teens in Love 5


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Runtime: 2hrs 2mins
Year: 2019
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Sophia,Latoya,Kaiya,Chloe


Exhausted during the day, Chloe decides to get some rest and falls asleep. Nikolas decides to join her and wake her gently. Drogo spends time with Sophia, his girlfriend, showing her videos on his cell phone. After a brief moment, they decide to have fun differently. Lada and Alexander decide to relax doing yoga. He can’t help but observe Lana with desire and ends up making it clear to Lana that he wants to relax in another way. She agrees, satisfied with the idea. Latoya uses her free time to do a manicure. Nikolas helps Latoya to make her happy. They take the opportunity to show how much they love each other by getting touchy. After a long day, Nikolas goes see his girlfriend Kaiya, who does not hear him come in her house, being focused on reading her book. When she realizes he arrived, Kaiya decides to take a break and welcome him.2hrs 2mins