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  1. All DVDs and movies sold on this website are intended for adult audiences only (18+). Minors are not allowed to purchase anything available on the website.
  2. By purchasing any DVD film through our site you are agreeing that you are of legal age to purchase and watch said films.
  3. All actors/stars in films are over the age of 18 and give their consent to star in films produced by the various studios.
  4. The adult content in films have been classified as rated R18+ or X18+. Classification guidelines state:
    No depiction of violence, sexual violence, sexualised violence or coercion is allowed
    in the category. It does not allow sexually assaultive language. Nor does it allow
    consensual depictions which purposefully demean anyone involved in that activity for
    the enjoyment of viewers.
    Fetishes such as body piercing, application of substances such as candle wax, ‘golden
    showers’, bondage, spanking or fisting are not permitted.
    It also does not permit any depictions of non-adult persons, including those aged 16 or 17, nor of adult persons who look like they are under 18 years. Nor does it permit persons 18 years of age or over to be portrayed as minors.
  5. As such, we do not sell titles depicting: Violence against women or men, acts of bondage, spanking or fisting, titles showing simulated rape, anything conveying stars are under 18 years of age (even if they are of legal age), and any titles with beastiality (involving animals). Such titles are forbidden and will never be sold on our website.
  6. We do not sell bootleg films from non official studios or amateurs.
  7. All DVD films are original discs from their respective studios, there are no copies or burnt discs in our products, unless in the rare circumstance where the official studio has chosen to print their films using blue discs.