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Teen Bush 7


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Runtime: 3hrs 46mins
Year: 2019
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Jennifer White,Aubrey Sinclair,April Snow,Violet October


April Snow is a sexy little artist, who’s willing to do anything to drum up some interest in her artwork. She’s hoping that by showing people what she can do for a dick, they’ll learn to appreciate her artistic abilities. She sucks cock and rides that fat rod until she ends up covered in a warm load of man paint!

Violet October is a sexy blonde with a wild streak. Before she gets down to what we all want to see, she teases us with the story of how she lost her virginity wearing a pair of handcuffs. Then she talks about a girlfriend who would eat her wet pussy while she was bartending. Then it’s time to back up all that sexy talk with some hardcore action!

Jennifer White was on her way to become a nun when her boyfriend made one last play to keep her from leaving him. She told him her mind was made up but she was willing to have one last fling under one condition: to preserve her purity, he could only fuck her ass. Busting her ass didn’t change her mind but it sure did put a smile on her face.

Aubrey Sinclair “please don’t tell mom I was watching porn! She’ll be so mad at me. What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything if you promise not to tell. Wait, what? If I let you touch me, you promise you won’t tell mommy? Are you serious? Let’s see if you can get me as wet as the girls in all the movies I love to watch.”3