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Sexual Indulgence


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Director: John Smith
Runtime: 1 Hrs 52 Mins
Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Daniel Hausser,Beno Eker,Max King,Lukash Saunders,Jake Hurley,Peter Polloc


While some of us like to indulge in chocolate or other sweet items, these boys have other types of indulgences, needless to say that whatever these staxus boys choose to do, it sure will be sweet! Starting off this gay twink porn video, we have Beno and Max in a rather romantic situation, where clearly Beno can’t resist his temptation of getting his hands onto Max. Next up is Daniel, who far from being a guy of God, he dives straight into sin with Peter in what could be one of the hottest flip-flop scenes of the year. Daniel once again gives in to the temptation of Lukash, a new boy in town who’s looking for some fun!