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Sex Appeal


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Director: J-Vera, Shasta Fay
Runtime: 1 Hr 49 Mins
Year: 2024
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Alexis Tae,Bella Rolland,Casey Calvert,Jillian Janson,Karlee Grey,Maya Kendrick


Maya Kendrick rarely has the apartment to herself, but with her roommate out for the day, she gets to enjoy lounging around in just her panties. As she lounges, there’s a knock on the door. When she answers it, she finds a parcel she’s ordered juuuust out of reach. She steps outside to grab the box but, to her horror, the door closes and locks behind her. She thinks fast and, using the box for cover, she scurries to a cafe next door for help… where she runs into Casey Calvert, a very surprised barista who was having a quiet day — until now. Bella Rolland, a business owner, is having a first meeting with a branding consultant, Alexis Tae. Alexis asks some questions about the business, though nothing stands out in Bella’s responses, so she digs deeper. As Alexis asks around about Bella’s dating life, she soon uncovers that Bella is a lesbian. Alexis becomes excited and plans to use Bella’s sexuality to steer the branding, but Bella isn’t sold on the idea. It seems they are at a stalemate… until Alexis proposes that they have sex to prove to Bella that lesbian sex sells. Although Bella is stunned, she admires Alexis’ tenacity and eventually decides to give it a try! Karlee Grey, a lesbian, is on her way to a treatment center because she slipped up and was recently with… a man Karlee feels terrible for this moment of weakness, but her roommate Jillian Janson assures her that treatment will help her get back on the gay and narrow. A month later, Jillian welcomes Karlee back from treatment. Karlee’s recovery was so successful that she tells Jillian ‘I want pussy… I want you.’ Jillian is overjoyed that her friend is feeling better, and they have passionate sex!