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Little Asians 10


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Runtime: 2 Hrs 45 Mins
Year: 2023
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Clara Trinity,Alexia Anders,Kimmy Kimm


Clara Trinity is looking to make money for college so she live streams with fans to sell her bras. BUt her stepbrother suggests a more efficient way to rake in the big bucks- a viral sex tape.

Sofia Su is wandering the streets when our stud stops and offers to give her a ride home. When they reach her house Sofia is so thankful that she offers a reward this lucky driver can’t refuse.

Kimmy Kimm is wearing her favorite outfit and she can’t wait to show it off by dancing around the house. Suddenly big dude Jmac comes along and takes this tiny, fierce girl for a ride.

Alexia Anders is trying so hard to achieve the splits. Her coach tells her the only way to do is to break her hymen. Lucky for her, he has the perfect tool to get the job done!

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