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Gotham Girls


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Director: Anastasia Pierce
Runtime: 1hr 7mins
Year: 2016
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Charlotte Stokely,Anastasia Pierce,Ludella Hahn


Part 1: Gotham Girls

The story takes place Downtown Gotham city..

There is a bounty on Batgirl and Catwoman is determined to get the all the money for herself. But someone in her way when she arrives in Batgirl’s Lair. Harley Quinn has managed to get out of Arkham (you will find out how).

Both Gotham Girls find themselves arguing and cat fighting in Batgirl’s lair but she is no where to be found. Both women will use their vicious weapon to get the upper hand and humiliate their adversary!

BUT there is more to it…

PART 2: Purrfect Crime

The story takes place Downtown Gotham city..

Wonder Woman Bracelets have been stolen by Catwoman! The famous thief is now fishing for a rich buyer overseas. As she is working on this very lucrative deal someone sneaks in her secret lair. It’s Batgirl! And, she is there to recover the stolen super-heroine cuffs. But at her surprise. There is a trap, a FLY TRAP! Something Catwoman had setup, just in case she would receive an unexpected visitor… Now Batgirl is stuck, finding herself in a very sticky situation what will she do next?