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Girl Girl Sex 324

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Runtime: 1 Hr 51 Mins
Year: 2022
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


Regina is fixing Margherita’s hair in bed and slips the hairbrush down her top, to tease her perky nipples. Margherita giggles at the sensation, but all of sudden, their eyes sensually lock together and they share meaningful kisses. Both girls eagerly caress each other, their hands roaming across firm breasts and warm thighs, as their clothes fall off. Margherita begins licking Regina over her silky panties with a smile, then tugs them to the side, to passionately suck her clit.

Regina bends Margherita over, so she can insert two fingers deep into her pussy, while softly kissing her at the same time. The girls move into an ardent 69 filled with sensual pussy eating, as both girls gently tug their partner’s long labia with their mouths while moaning with pleasure. Margherita then lays back with her legs open wide, so Regina can use the hairbrush to penetrate her. The girls look deep into each other’s eyes, and Margherita cries out with an intense orgasm.

Sitting close together in bed, with the blankets around them, Chelsea and Gabriella pamper each other: Gabriella braids Chelsea’s luxurious long hair and then, Chelsea rubs coconut oil into Gabriella’s soft feet. After she frees Chelsea’s lush breasts from her lingerie, Gabriella presses the soles of her feet against her friend’s nipples, while Chelsea cheekily licks her toes.

Once the girls have remove each other’s panties, they take turns bending over the couch to receive deep finger penetration, crying out as they reach orgasm. They beam at each other with sweet smiles, as they explore tribbing, savoring the feeling of their hairy pussies melting together. Gabriella then climbs atop Chelsea to sit on her face, moaning with pleasure as she enjoys the skilled licking. Once they’re satisfied, the girls snuggle together in a warm embrace with their noses touching.

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