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Daddies at Play


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Director: Gio Caruso
Runtime: 1 Hrs 50 Mins
Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Jack Dyer,Julian Torres,Jaxx Thanatos,Jay Donahue,Rego Bello,Clay Towers,Rikk York


When Jack Dyer learns that his partner Jay Donahue is wearing what he asked him, he instantly makes out with him and pulls off his jeans. He wants to see his daddy’s jock strap, but Jack makes him wait and beg for it before. Clay Towers is hanging out in his jock as he digs through his locker. Jay Donahue sees him and begins checking him out which leads the two into some amazing BJs. Jaxx Thanatos and Rego Bello are both sitting in the locker room when they realize they have been cruising each other on the social media hookup app. Jaxx stands up revealing a hard cock in his shorts and declares that they are only six feet away from each other. Rikk York and Julian Torres are about to hit the showers after a great workout but once Rikk smells Julian his mind thinks over other thoughts. They begin to kiss, touch and lick each other especially their armpits where Rikk buries his face in.