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Batgirl Rises


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Director: Anastasia Pierce
Runtime: 1hr 17mins
Year: 2016
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Angela Sommers,Anastasia Pierce,Crystal Clark


Superheroine Fetish Parody!

Helpless & Trapped! Lesbians! Bondage! Girl-Girl! Strap-On! Super-Heroine! Super Villainess!

Girl-Girl Sex! Pussy Licking! Domination! Special FX! Helpless Super-Heroin!

Batgirl Rises Batgirl Vs Vampirella

Batgirl transforms into her secret identity when she finds out that she was given a new mission. The idea of being in charge of this top secret mission is really turning her on! Too worked up and too excited for the arrival of the Super Villainess. She decides to pleasure herself to calm down those nerves and get some needed release! All for a good cause, of course!

When the super villainess Vampirella is delivered to Batgirl’s secret hide out she is tied to a dolly. Vampirella has been captured and is about to be interrogated by Batgirl. It seems that the Vampire Queen was the last one to have seen Batman before his disappearance… Batgirl will do whatever she needs to, to find out what happened to him. She will be using any means necessary to find out the truth.

Who knew that Batgirl had it in her to rise to the task and assert herself in such ways?! She will put the villainess Vampirella in a delicate, exposed and perilous situation to get her to talk. Strong tactics, humiliation and making her a vulnerable plaything will certainly get the truth out! Batgirl rises to the challenge! But, where is Batman?

Double Crossed Catwoman Vs Miss America

Catwoman is in Istanbul meeting a potential buyer for some very classified military information. She is waiting for the buyer in a club, in a secluded section in the back. Suddenly a beautiful belly dancer comes to her booth and starts dancing erotically for her. Moving her hips and seducing her with her moves. Catwoman is very entertained by the gorgeous dancer and purrrring of admiration! She is so taken by her beauty that she does not realized that she is being robbed. Indeed, the beautiful dancer turns out to be Miss America on a secret mission to protect her nation! Once Catwoman realizes she has been fooled, she decides to double cross Miss America and make a fool of her too! Our Super heroine finds herself in quite a shameful bound position with Catwoman lapping her pussy… a secret mission like you have not seen before!

Frozen Bat Batgirl Vs Herself

Batgirl is alone at the Bat Cave. She receives a phone call. It’s Batman and Robin! They will be gone all night on a special mission. She is thrilled. It’s the first time they leave her alone and in charge! She feels proud and excited at the same time. She is ready and has already set on the security system. This way she will get alarmed if anyone tries to break in.

Now that she is all alone in the lab, she wants to try something out. She has been keeping her eye for one of Batman’s ‘tool’ the ‘Arouse-O-Form’ – an invention to make any villain loose control and get overwhelmed by erotic feelings. She has been dying to try it. Just a little gulp and it’s in her system. At first she does not notice the effects but slowly it’s taking effect. But soon, she will be playing with her very sexy purple vintage stockings on top of her shiny nude pantyhose. Rubbing those curves and teasing herself. But just as things get very very enjoyable for Batgirl… the Freeze System kicks in! It’s part of the security system and now, she is trapped! The temperature is dropping fast!