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Athletic Ass-Bangers 2


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Director: John Smith
Runtime: 2 Hrs 25 Mins
Year: 2018
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Jonathan Strake,Jacob Waterhouse,Joshua Levy,Noah Matous,Kurt Maddox,Kris Blent,Orlando White,Florian Mraz,Connor Levi,Jake Kelvin


We live in sedentary world – thanks to all the labour-saving devices that we’ve filled our homes and work-places with – so it’s always good to find time to grab a little exercise to keep us fit. A philosophy that this collection of horned-up buddies are only too willing to follow to the letter. But having worked out in the gym, played a game of footie or even wrestled down with their mates, the likes of Kris Blent, Johnathan Strake and Orlando White never forget that their favourite exercise involves countless quantities of hard cock squirting copious amounts of hot goo. It’s a workout routine like no other – and one you’ll unquestionably appreciate in this second show of high octane sporting prowess, now available on video. Horny twinks are waiting for you.