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Asian Noodle Slurpers


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Director: Ed Hunter
Runtime: 2 Hrs 47 Mins
Year: 2010
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Gook


Bali is one of the hottest Thai sluts we have seen in a while. With a body built for fucking she also has a mouth made for sucking and slurping. Her tits are perky and her nipples are bulging through her shirt. She rubs her hairless cunt around, before dropping to her knees and sucking up a white wang, which leaves her with a bright batch of cum splattered across her ample bosom. Sisi has dirty blonde hair and a candy striper fashioned mini skirt on. She has long fake eyelashes and bluish colored eyes. Her lips are prime for sucking and slurping and her puffy Thai clamshell is hungry for some foreign beef injection. She settles down for a mouthful of cock which fucks its way down her throat, between her tits and leaves her with a face full of foreign born sperm. Eve has a baby face and a really tight body. Her tits are tiny but her nipples are alive and perky with a pretty stray hair or two just outside her right aureola. She rubs her tiny hole before inhaling a large helping of penis. Suck, gnaw and slurp away as she goes to town on this wiener, rubbing it on her tits and cramming it in her throat. He pulls out and splatters a nice one across the bottom of her chin and watches it drip and dribble down her body. Toy is playing with her computer and our camera is positioned low below the desk to catch some good panty shots. She has glasses and long pig tails, with big tits and well manicured vagina. Her mouth is made for slurping fat noodles, especially white foreign ones that make their way to the back of her throat and beyond. She hog swallows and slurps away, allowing her big tits to work the cock over too. It earns her a sticky batch all over her chest with a little up into her grill too. She sucks and slurps the cum out of his noodle tip to clean things up. Bunny is hot and very frisky. Her tits are huge for a Thai girl and her lips are fat and ready to slurp some noodle. She strips and our guy starts to grope her gorgeous boobs and ultra-thick ass cheeks. Her wart surrounded vagina has a pretty pink hue and large clitoris to boot. She plays with her hole but noodle slurping is what she has come for and she really knows how to perform that task. Fast, slow and steady she slurps away and uses her pretty boobies and skilled right hand to earn a thick load of fresh semen. Gook is cute as a button. She has a pretty smile and braces and perfectly tiny tits with brown active duty nipples standing salute. Her little soldiers snap to attention, as her hairless vagina fills with Thai tea. She is hungry for cock and starts her ingestion on it slowly. She has a pretty suck face, as she slurps the noodle with a young innocence about her. She grabs for a nut together with her noodles and uses her mouth, magnificent nipple tips and skilled hands to catch a batch of cum on the lower half of her face. “I like sperm!” she shouts and rejoices… Pai has long dark hair and a baby face. She is super skinny and has a beautifully tan body. She has small tits which are perfectly formed with 2 tiny dark chocolate raisin tips. Her bright pink fuck box contrasts sharply with her dark skin tone and appears to be an inviting place to spend an afternoon. Neither is her mouth, which gobbles up the penis we offer this girl. She jams the cock in from side to side, against her cheeks and down her throat. She licks it like a lollipop and takes one like a champ straight aimed at her baby face. Yuka is a pretty girl with crooked teeth and a nice smile. Her body is hard and tight and her hand sized tits are very young and firm. She keeps her pubic patch mostly organic and natural with short , yet thick foliage laying just north of her flowery fuck hole and light-colored clitoris. Her large dark eyes stare there way into the camera as she sucks, slurps and slobbers down a fat falang phallus. She handles a solid mouth pounding and gladly sucks up a large mouthful which she pools in her hand and then rubs into her tits.